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11:00 - 12:00 Networking: Zoom Virtual Hangouts - Meet our councilors and other participants
Zoom room(s) will be open for participants to informally meet each other whether it's for a simply hello or to dive into deeper conversations.
Jonathan Johnson, United States
IPTA Councilor
Burkhard Tönshoff, Germany
IPTA Councilor

Plenary Session

12:00 - 13:55 View Plenary: Keeping the Graft for the Near Term: Perioperative challenges

Lars Pape, Germany
Introduction of the Day
Juan Carlos Alejos, United States
Patient Voices Recording / Interviewer: Juan Carlos Alejos / Patients: Madelyn and Greg
Brian Feingold, United States
Cardiopulmonary challenges in heart and lung transplantation
Raymond Reding, Belgium
Near miss events and failure to rescue: New tools for measuring outcomes in pediatric transplantation
Vanessa Sanchez Torrents, Spain
Pain control in transplanted children
Jacques Pirenne, Belgium
Ischemia reperfusion injury in SOT

Oral Abstracts sessions

14:00 - 15:10 View Oral Abstracts Session: Liver Surgical

Eui Soo Han, Korea
Long-term outcomes of a new novel technique for portal vein reconstruction in pediatric liver transplantation using left grafts
Jorge Sanchez-Garcia, United States
Advanced quantitative 3D modeling techniques provide accurate liver volume estimations for children on the waitlist
Meltem Bingol Kologlu, Turkey
3D-Reconstruction and Heterotopic Implantation of Reduced Size Monosegment or Left Lateral Segment Grafts in Small Infants: A New Technique in Pediatric Living Donor Liver Transplantation to Overcome Large-For-Size Syndrome
Ane M Andres, Spain
Biodegradable stents for the management of biliary strictures in Pediatric Liver Transplantation
Daniel J Stoltz, United States
Underutilized technical variant liver grafts show equal graft survival to whole liver grafts in pediatric liver transplantation
Roberto Tambucci, Belgium
Impact of Kasai Hepato-Porto-Enterostomy on subsequent liver transplantation
14:00 - 15:10 View Oral Abstracts Session: Kidney Cardiovascular

Rizky Indrameikha Sugianto, Germany
Cardiovascular burden in kidney transplanted girls: a longitudinal analysis of the 4C-T study
Tomas Seeman, Czech Republic
Effects of the strict control of blood pressure in pediatric renal transplant recipients on left ventricular mass - ESCORT Trial Echocardiography Substudy
Anne-Sophie Greiner, Germany
The significance of central blood pressure for cardiovascular target organ damage in children and adolescents after kidney transplantation
Lena Kohlmeier, Germany
The impact of physical activity on cardiovascular risk factors and target organ damage in children and adolescents after kidney transplantation
Kristen Sgambat, United States
Changes in diastolic function and cardiac geometry after pediatric kidney transplantation: a longitudinal study
Nima Memaran, Germany
Arterial Stiffness and Blood Pressure Increase in Pediatric Kidney Transplant Recipients
14:00 - 15:10 View Oral Abstracts Session: Covid - Part 1

Charles Varnell, United States
COVID-19 in Pediatric Kidney Transplant: A Follow-up Report of the Improving Renal Outcomes Collaborative
Mathilde Grapin, France
One-year follow-up data of arterial abnormalities identified in kidneys transplanted into children during the first COVID-19 pandemic wave
Asha Moudgil, United States
COVID19 in pediatric kidney transplant recipients: Incidence, outcomes, and response to vaccine
Grainne M Walsh, United Kingdom
Care closer to home; a collaboration between transplant and community nursing teams- a positive outcome of the Covid-19 pandemic
Ashley Graham, Canada
Allied health and nursing professionals in pediatric solid organ transplantation: Perceptions of COVID-19 impacts on roles, practice, and resource allocation
Helen E Jones, United Kingdom
Home testing to measure creatinine and tacrolimus levels: A collaboration during the COVID19 pandemic

Interactive Workshops

15:15 - 16:20 View Workshop: Promoting Pediatric Transplantation Worldwide

Alicia Pérez Blanco, Spain
Global observatory of donation and transplantation (GODT)
Adebowale D Ademola, Nigeria
Ibadan - Nigeria Program
Julian P Midgley, Canada
Calgary - Canada Program
Raymond Reding, Belgium
The road to Ho Chi Minh City: Contribution to pediatric transplantation in Vietnam
Fiona Mackie, Australia
The road to Ho Chi Minh City: Contribution to pediatric transplantation in Vietnam
15:15 - 16:20 View Workshop: IPTA-AST Session on Transplantation in Newborns and Infants

Session Supported by

Katherine E. Twombley, United States
Immunologic considerations in transplantation of newborns and infants
Ryan T. Fischer, United States
Medical considerations in transplantation of newborns and infants
Beau Kelly, United States
Surgical considerations for transplantation in newborns and infants
15:15 - 16:20 View Workshop: IPTA-ASHI Session on Perspective on Non-HLA antibodies

Session Supported by

Annette Jackson, United States
Elaine F. Reed, United States
Marie-Josee Hebert, Canada

State-of-the-Art Session

16:25 - 16:55 View State-of-the-Art Session: Diversity, Inequity and Inclusivity in the Practice of Pediatric Transplantation in the US

Marva Moxey-Mims, United States
Diversity, Inequity and Inclusivity in the Practice of Pediatric Transplantation in the US
17:00 - 17:05 Networking: Live Virtual Stretching Break

IPTA Business Meeting and Pioneer Award

17:05 - 17:55 View Plenary: IPTA Business Meeting and Pioneer Award Presentation

Mignon I McCulloch, South Africa
Introduction of Pioneer Recipient
Deirdre Kelly, United Kingdom
Pioneer in Transplantation
Stephen Alexander, Australia
IPTA Secretary-Treasurer Report
Mignon I McCulloch, South Africa
2021 Election Results
Carlos O. Esquivel, United States
Transition to the Presidency
Mignon I McCulloch, South Africa
Recognition of Outgoing Council members in 2021 and Committee Chairs

Industry Symposium by CareDX

18:00 - 18:45 View Industry Symposium: The Future is Now: Non-Invasive Pediatric Molecular Transplant Testing

Care DX Industry Symposium

Vikas Dharnidarka, United States
AlloSure dd-cfDNA introduction and new research
Dechu Puliyanda, United States
Utility of AlloSure in pediatric kidney transplant patients
Brian Feingold, United States
Early findings with dd-cfDNA in clinical care post-pediatric heart transplant

Mini-Oral Video Competition

18:50 - 19:15 View Mini-Oral Video Competition

Supported by Natera

Vikas Dharnidarka, United States
Clinical characteristics of recurrent focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (rFSGS) after kidney transplant (KTx) through computable phenotypic algorithm analyses of multi-center data
Emily G Dietle, United States
Clinical outcomes of children with microvillus inclusion disease: A single-center retrospective study in the United States
Kyle A Soltys, United States
Factors associated with thrombotic and hemorrhagic complications in pediatric liver transplantation: A multi-center analysis from the Starzl Network for Excellence in Pediatric Transplantation
Yash Kadakia, United States
Normothermic Machine Perfusion in Pediatric Liver Transplantation: A Survey of Attitudes and Barriers
Kelli N Triplett PhD ABPP, United States
Electronic screening of mental health and adherence barriers in pediatric solid organ transplant patients
Ingvild A Kindem, Norway
Kidney transplant adolescents - lost in transition? – A nationwide analysis 2000-2020

Afternoon Sessions

19:20 - 20:30 View Workshop: IPTA-ESOT Session on Expanding the Donor Pool

Session Supported by

The European Society for Organ Transplantation

Nadia Primc, Germany
Ethical obligation for splitting donor liver
Joe Brierley, United Kingdom
Living organ donation by minors
George V. Mazariegos, United States
Ethical analysis and policy recommendations regarding domino liver transplantation
19:20 - 20:30 View Oral Abstracts Session: Ethics and Economics

Olga Charnaya, United States
The Unfinished Journey towards Transplant Equity: an analysis of racial/ethnic disparities for children in the post-KAS era
James E. Potts, Canada
Travel Costs and Lost Income Associated with a Solid Organ Transplant Program: A Family Perspective
Charles Varnell, United States
A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Adherence Promotion Strategies to Improve Rejection Rates in Adolescent Kidney Transplant Patients
Kristine McKenna, United States
Equity factors in pediatric transplant listing: initial findings from a single center review
Denise M Alloway, United States
Implementation and execution of organ viewing program for post - transplant patients
Anne M McGrath, United States
Increasing and normalizing the discussion of pregnancy prevention for female pediatric kidney transplant recipients on the fetal toxic medication, mycophenolate
19:20 - 20:30 View Oral Abstracts Session: Best Trainee and Allied Health Research Abstracts

Ferran Coens, Belgium
Retransplantation outcomes in paediatric kidney transplant recipients- the Eurotransplant experience
Mehak Malhotra, India
Cytokine profile of allograft ‘post-reperfusion first-flush’ urine sample as a predictor of adverse graft outcome in renal transplantation
Raja Dandamudi, United States
Association of the novel peripheral blood biomarkers donor–derived cell–free DNA (dd–cfDNA) and anellovirus (AnV) DNA load to post-transplant month 12 measured GFR and surveillance biopsy interstitial fibrosis amount in pediatric kidney transplantation (pKTx)
Kim H. Piburn, United States
High tacrolimus intrapatient variability is associated with inferior graft outcomes in pediatric and young adult kidney transplant recipients
Nima Memaran, Germany
Telomere shortening is associated with increasing intima – media thickness in pediatric liver transplant patients
Javier Serradilla, Spain
Experimental assay of intestinal graft viability and function after regional abdominal normothermic perfusion

State-of-the-Art Session

20:35 - 21:15 View State-of-the-Art Session: Patient Reported Outcome Measures- Listening to the Patient

Chandana Guha, Australia
Patient reported outcome measures: Listening to the patient
21:15 - 21:45 Networking: Zoom Virtual Hangouts - Meet our councilors and other participants
Zoom room(s) will be open for participants to informally meet each other whether it's for a simply hello or to dive into deeper conversations.
Louise Bannister, Canada
IPTA Councilor
Hayley Altman Gans, United States
IPTA Councilor