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Oral Abstracts Session
Best Trainee and Allied Health Research Abstracts

Monday March 28, 2022 | 19:20 to 20:30

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Mr. Ferran Coens, Belgium
Retransplantation outcomes in paediatric kidney transplant recipients- the Eurotransplant experience

Mrs. Mehak Malhotra, India
Cytokine profile of allograft ‘post-reperfusion first-flush’ urine sample as a predictor of adverse graft outcome in renal transplantation

Dr. Raja Dandamudi, United States
Association of the novel peripheral blood biomarkers donor–derived cell–free DNA (dd–cfDNA) and anellovirus (AnV) DNA load to post-transplant month 12 measured GFR and surveillance biopsy interstitial fibrosis amount in pediatric kidney transplantation (pKTx)

Dr. Kim H. Piburn, United States
High tacrolimus intrapatient variability is associated with inferior graft outcomes in pediatric and young adult kidney transplant recipients

Mr. Nima Memaran, Germany
Telomere shortening is associated with increasing intima – media thickness in pediatric liver transplant patients

Mr. Javier Serradilla, Spain
Experimental assay of intestinal graft viability and function after regional abdominal normothermic perfusion